Game of Thrones: Fan casting the key roles in Aegon’s Conquest

House of the Dragon. Photograph by Courtesy HBO
House of the Dragon. Photograph by Courtesy HBO /
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David Corenswet, Aegon, Game of Thrones
TORONTO, ONTARIO – SEPTEMBER 12: David Corenswet attends the “Pearl” Premiere during the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival at Royal Alexandra Theatre on September 12, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images) /

David Corenswet as Aegon Targaryen

You might have expected to see Henry Cavill here, but he’s too old given Aegon was said to be in his late 20s. Cavill is also too big of a star with an asking price higher than Snoop at Redman concert. Enter David Corenswet, an up-and-coming actor with a short but impressive resume. He is best known for his breakout role in the Netflix series The Politician, where he played the important character of River. His performance received critical acclaim. He has also appeared in a few other projects, including the movie The Last Thing He Wanted, House of Cards, and HBO’s We Own This City. Almost too perfect to pass up.

One of the reasons why David Corenswet would be perfect for the role of Aegon Targaryen is his physical attributes. Aegon Targaryen was described in the books as a tall, broad-shouldered man with silver-gold hair and purple eyes. David Corenswet, with his chiseled jawline, tall frame, and piercing blue eyes, fits this description perfectly. He also has a regal quality about him that is necessary for the portrayal of a king.

Corenswet has shown his versatility as an actor. In The Politician, he played a character who was ambitious, and cunning. These qualities are similar to those of Aegon Targaryen, who was known for his tactical brilliance and his ability to unite the Seven Kingdoms. David Corenswet’s range as an actor could bring depth and complexity to the role of Aegon.

While there are many actors who could potentially play Aegon Targaryen, David Corenswet would be an excellent choice. He has the physical attributes necessary for the role and has shown his ability to play complex characters. HBO would be wise to consider him for the part. Wolfgang Novogratz is another solid actor who’d kill the role.

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