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Meet the Team

Stefani Munro,Site Expert

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Michael Patterson,Associate Editor

Michael Patterson is the Editor of Bam Smack Pow and Co-host of The CW Spiral podcast. An experienced writer and entertainment journalist with an affinity for all things superhero, he has previously written for Movie Pilot, WhatCulture, WrestleZone and Screen Rant. He's also an avid TV and film fan who firmly believes Terminator 2: Judgment Day is the greatest movie of all time.

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Mark Lynch,Contributor

Trying to become Earth's Mightiest writer or at least one that people look for. Marvel guy with a dash of DC. Find him on twitter at twitter.com/oldmanwadecom, email him at markawlynch@gmail.com, or leave a comment on everything he writes.

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Camila Servello,Contributor

Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, Camila is a mother and nerd. She began her writing journey in 2017 with her personal blog, Twinfessions, which propelled her into contributing to Twiniversity, a platform for parents of multiples, before joining A Blog of Thrones to write about the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. She is now a Staff Writer at Bam Smack Pow and a contributor for Winter is Coming, Hidden Remote, and App Trigger, along with launching her own website, Nerds Talking Nerdy. In her spare time, she likes to listen to electronica, create digital art, play video games and D&D, LARP, and spend time with her twins and friends.

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Cody Schultz,Entertainment & Lifestyle Director

Cody Schultz is the FanSided Entertainment and Lifestyle Director and host of Netflix Life: A Streaming TV Podcast. As a member of the FanSided network since April 2014 with nearly a decade of Entertainment writing experience, his work can be found across the FanSided Entertainment brands including at HiddenRemote.com, NetflixLife.com, OneChicagoCenter.com and BamSmackPow.com, among others. When he's not writing or developing strategies for covering today's biggest TV shows and movies, he's likely binge-watching yet another new TV show or geeking out about Marvel. Have an interview or feature pitch? Contact Cody at cody.schultz@fansided.com


Bryce Olin,Contributor

Bryce Olin is the Entertainment Content Director for FanSided. He has covered TV and movies for nine years, specializing in Netflix and the streaming industry. Formerly, Bryce was the editor of Netflix Life and the TV Editor for Showbiz Cheat Sheet. Ask him what to watch on Netflix and other streaming services if you're looking for new movies and shows to watch.

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Andre Farquharson,Contributor

A freelance writer that brings characters to life from hot-pressed print to the big screen. Talent is something we are born with, but passion and creativity fused together produce a successful outcome. Currently trending on the web as a prolific scriptwriter, musician and filmmaker with a flair for the creative and characters that bounce off the page and come alive.

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Juan Diego Arriola Wundram,Contributor

Juan Diego Arriola is a fan of everything entertainment-related. He likes to talk about the heroes that inspire him to be better and the video games that take him to whole new worlds. As a true fan, he's always willing to express himself honestly about any topic. But as a skillful writer, he'll create content in the most engaging way possible.

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Michael Gonzalez-Vega,Contributor

Michael is an aspiring writer and filmmaker currently living in Puerto Rico. His first projects, Ana and Finalmente Yo, which he wrote and directed, can be seen on YouTube. He loves cinema in general, but his favorite genres include horror, superhero fiction, and LGBTQ+ stories. When he's not working, he loves going to the movies, traveling, visiting theme parks, and reading.

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Eric Halliday,Contributor

Father, husband, writer, gamer, tinker, tailor, soldier, spy. I'm a father and long time gamer that writes video game related content for the good folks at FanSided. I'm on various sites and if you find five of me you unlock the hidden secret level!

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Josh Baggins,Contributor

Early on I was obsessed with superhero comics and cartoons, and as I grew so did my interests. I would binge watch shows before the phrase entered the zeitgeist. I am a committed opening weekender and a film festival frequenter. You can also catch me at comic book stores and comic cons as my love of superhero content is still as strong as ever.

Scott Brown,Contributor

A film and comics fan just trying to do what he loves.

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Natalie Zamora,Head of Entertainment Content

Natalie Zamora is the Head of Content at FanSided Entertainment and the co-host of podcasts One Good Scare and Can I Steal You for a Second?. As part of the Minute Media team, her work can be found on Netflix Life, Hidden Remote, Winter is Coming, Mental Floss and more. She's an expert on horror and celebrity gossip, and loves a good true crime documentary.

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Michael Johnson,Contributor

I'm a father, husband, just some regular guy with a lot of opinions on a lot of things. Oh yeah and I write too.

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Diana Nosa,Staff Writer

Diana Nosa is a Staff Writer for various Entertainment sites across Fansided. Her interests include reality TV, celebrity drama, and juicy Netflix dramas, but her heart is and forever will be hopelessly devoted to anime. Her favorite anime of all time: Fruits Basket, Hunter x Hunter, and Nana. (Hit her up if you need some recommendations!)

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Brendan Rooney,Contributor

Brendan Rooney has always been full of creativity and enthusiasm toward the world of widespread media. He is also a passionate comic book fan and a die-hard sports pedigree. Brendan has written various articles covering all topics and dreams of forging a long-lasting legacy by bringing respect to the Rooney name as either a teacher, journalist, or whatever else the future holds. His work has been featured on Google, Quoted by Marvel Games, Reshared by Movie Trades, Broken exclusives, Spoke and presented at syndicated academic conferences as well.

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