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Meet the Team

Michael Patterson,Site Expert

TV and film lover. Experienced writer with an affinity for all things superhero. I Write. Sometimes.

Mark Lynch,Contributor

Trying to become Earth's Mightiest writer or at least one that people look for. Marvel guy with a dash of DC. Find him on twitter at twitter.com/oldmanwadecom, email him at markawlynch@gmail.com, or leave a comment on everything he writes.

Andre Farquharson,Contributor

A freelance writer that brings characters to life from hot-pressed print to the big screen. Talent is something we are born with, but passion and creativity fused together produce a successful outcome. Currently trending on the web as a prolific scriptwriter, musician and filmmaker with a flair for the creative and characters that bounce off the page and come alive.

Scott Brown,Contributor

A film and comics fan just trying to do what he loves.

Ian Goodwillie,Contributor

Ian is a freelance writer based out of Saskatoon who watches too much TV, reads too many comics and buys too many toys. Actually, that sounds pretty good.

Eric Bartsch,Contributor

Lifelong comic fan and writer whose career is going places. Usually, I write about movies and TV. With superheroes dominating pop culture, my skills and interests blend very well in today's market.

Monita Mohan,Contributor

A geek who loves comic books, superheroes and sci-fi. When not dreaming of a one-way trip to Coruscant, Monita is usually staring at a blank page, hoping her articles write themselves.

Kimberley Spinney,Contributor

I am a freelance writer who has been working in the online media industry since 2014. I have covered everything from entertainment news to health and lifestyle. I'm a self-professed foodie and dog lover too!

C.J. Hawkings,Contributor

Journalist. Blogger. Writer. Star Wars Fan. Superhero Fan. Follow my blog at cjhawkings.com

Joe Fisher,Contributor

Basketball obsessive and comic book enthusiast.

Josh Baggins,Contributor

Early on I was obsessed with superhero comics and cartoons, and as I grew so did my interests. I would binge watch shows before the phrase entered the zeitgeist. I am a committed opening weekender and a film festival frequenter. You can also catch me at comic book stores and comic cons as my love of superhero content is still as strong as ever.

Franco Gucci,Contributor

Reed Gaudens,Contributor

Reed Gaudens watches too much TV and lives to talk about it. He is still upset that Hindsight was canceled and thinks you should watch Happy Endings.

Michael Williams,Contributor

Michael J. Williams is a writer, a father, a free spirit, a creative thinker, and a student of life. He graduated from Full Sail University with a bachelors in Creative Writing for Entertainment and is currently finishing up his masters in the same subject. He loves stories and the powerful connections they make with those who need someone or something to look up to. Michael especially loves world of animation. He regularly watches Family Guy and anime/manga style animated shows like Sword Art Online and Soul Eater. When he isn't playing games he's reading books on everything from Chakra and religious histories to “Words for Pictures” by Michael Bendis among other books like his that teach the art of writing for comics, film, and novel. Most of all, he cherishes his love for comics and the plethora of characters that have pushed him passed troubled times and hard roads. His favorites are Moon Knight, Daredevil, Gambit, the Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Amazing Man, Alita, Spawn, and Nightwing -- to name a few.

Wesley Coburn,Contributor

Wesley wanted to be Bob Costas when he grew up. A member of the Dog Writers Association of America, he's a freelance writer/editor who covers a little of everything from eastern Oklahoma.

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