10 most disliked Smallville characters, ranked

We met many characters throughout Smallville's decade-long run, but who were the ones that the fans just didn't like (or loved to hate)?
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5. Doomsday

Before I begin, I just wanted to say that Doomsday's placement on this list has absolutely nothing to do with his design. Smallville did an amazing job bringing the Superman villain to life on a TV budget, using practical effects to pull it off - and they did!

However, fans weren't too fussed on the way the show slowly built up to his reveal, opting to use original character Davis Bloome as his vessel. While the Davis storyline was incredibly compelling, we were all wondering when - or if - Doomsday would surface. When he finally did in the end, he only appeared for one episode and was shockingly easily disposed of, with Clark deciding to bury him under the surface of the Earth.

I get it, their hands were tied when they introduced Doomsday; they couldn't kill off a legendary Superman villain before Clark actually became Superman, and their limited budget likely prevented them from using him that much. But unfortunately, the season-long wait for his birth needed a stronger payoff than the one we got, and all that potential just felt a little bit wasted - especially because of how his other half, Davis, was written after they were separated.

Speaking of which...