12 most disliked characters from Jujutsu Kaisen, ranked

Let's look at 12 Jujutsu Kaisen characters that we fans just love to hate.

Jujutsu Kaisen - ©2023 Crunchyroll/MAPPA
Jujutsu Kaisen - ©2023 Crunchyroll/MAPPA /
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9. Kechizu

Let's chat about why Kechizu, one of the infamous Death Painting Wombs, secures a spot on the "Most Disliked Characters" list. Kechizu isn't your average Joe - nope, he's more like your nightmare turned up to eleven, with a dash of grotesque for good measure.

As a part of the Death Painting Wombs trio, he's literally born from a cursed painting, which is kind of like emerging from the world's most horrifying art project. His introduction is less "hello" and more "let's spread some curse-infected blood," making it crystal clear he's not here to make friends. His role? To wreak havoc and spread the kind of chaos that makes villains cackle in delight and the rest of us root for his downfall.

Now, why the dislike? Firstly, he and his siblings are pretty annoying. Secondly, imagine someone crashing your party, and instead of bringing chips, they bring a cursed plague. No, thanks. His appearance screams "bad news," with a side of ick, and his actions are all about bringing pain and suffering to our beloved characters. He's got this whole "spreading cursed blood" shtick that not only grosses out viewers but makes him a direct threat to anyone with a pulse in the Jujutsu world. Plus, his allegiance with Mahito and the gang puts him squarely against our heroes, and let's be honest, anyone who makes life harder for Itadori and friends earns a big, fat dislike from the audience.

Kechizu embodies that character you love to hate, making his eventual defeat something fans eagerly anticipate. In the grand scheme of things, he's a memorable baddie because he's so effectively detestable, ensuring his place in the "Most Disliked" Hall of Fame.