24 Once Upon a Time villains ranked worst to best

From the Black Fairy and the Snow Queen to Rumple and the Evil Queen, here's what we think about the show's baddies.

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Sidney/Magic Mirror

Speaking of slimy, that's definitely Sidney! And I love the twist that he was a genie too. He's the one behind killing King Leopold (Snow's father) in the name of his love for Regina. Again, another great twist! But, she doesn't care for him, and traps him into the mirror. Making him her magic mirror. Even cursed as Sidney, he was slippery and one you couldn't trust. I do wish the character showed up more after the first couple of seasons.

King George

One Once Upon a Time villain I think we all love to hate is definitely King George. He was featured quite a bit in season 1. Whether it was him in the Enchanted Forest keeping Charming and Snow apart for not marrying Kathryn, or in Storybrooke as Albert while, this guy was bad news. He caused so much pain to Snowing, but in a sort of smart way if that makes sense when it comes to being an antagonist. He was good at being mean. That's why it's not surprising that Prince James turned out like him.

Evil Snow and David

Not going to lie, one fun thing from the alternate universe book is Evil Snow and David. Who would have thought we'd ever see something like that? It was definitely jarring at first, but it worked! Evil Snow cruel in a way you want a villain to be. And David with the guyliner? Love it!

Dark Hook

Speaking of guyliner is the man who pulls it off the best! Colin O'Donoghue's impersonation of Rumple's "Get your affairs in order dearie!" is still one of the best lines and moments to happen on this show. Dark Hook was so unhinged, it made for a great Dark One. It was of course sad to see Killian this way after all the growth he'd been through. But Dark Hook definitely made for a great villain on the series. And thankfully, his love for Emma still won out at the end. Proving the difference between him and Nimue.