3 anime to watch in 2024 (and 2 to skip)

2024 will see the release of over 100 new anime releases. Which ones should you be watching? Which ones should be skipped? We have all the answers for you right here!

Solo Leveling - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll
Solo Leveling - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll /
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SKIP: My Hero Academia season 7

Release Date: May 4

My Hero Academia started as a pretty great shounen series about a young, quirkless boy whose life is forever changed once All-Might, the most heroic hero of all time, lends him his mighty power. The show got even better once it began introducing complex villains who questioned the validity of those in power, prompting fans to wonder if all these heroes were as good as they once thought.

However, we think that the show truly peaked when these things came together through Dabi's (a.k.a. Toya Todoroki) story that exposed how Endeavor, one of the top heroes of the world, was very abusive to his family. This reveal gave the anime a little more edge, prompting more viewers to tune in. Or so we thought.

Somewhere along the way, My Hero Academia lost its way. We believe the introduction of too many heroes, the good guys winning nearly every single time, the oversaturation of filler, and, truthfully, the annoying fanservice that caused this show to be put into an early grave. So much so that season 7 may continue to expose this show's bad habits. Or, even worse, create even more bad habits that become nearly impossible to ignore.

Don't get us wrong! My Hero Academia is a very entertaining show. But if you would rather be left compelled or moved by any anime this year, we truly don't think this is the one for you. Perhaps you can see what we're talking about as you take a look at the official trailer for season 7 here.

We have a feeling that there could be improvement this season, especially because we're inching closer and closer to the final seasons of the entire series. Even so, we can only sit back and see if the anime ever does pick up and receive the revamp that it needs.