35 most romantic Captain Swan moments on Once Upon a Time ranked

Emma and Killian have had so many swoon-worthy moments, here are some of our favorites.

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The one where no one could handle it: The first kiss!

Season 3 episode 5: Sparks start flying between the pirate and savior at the beginning of season 3 and we see a shift start to happen in their relationship. But it isn't until season 3 episode 5 where the first kiss happens that we really start to see that connection form between our favorite couple! It starts off with some flirty banter, the captain's "perhaps gratitude is in order now?," and both of them challenging each other saying they couldn't handle it.

The kiss was steamy and a battle for dominance, but it also exposed the true feelings these two have for each other. Even if Emma didn't want to admit it! It definitely takes Killian off guard too. It's not surprising what the kiss exposed for him (more on that below). Neither of them handled it, and neither did we!

Domestic Captain Swan

Season 4 episode 12: The little montage as we moved forward in time a bit was great, especially with these little domestic moments between Emma and Killian and how they keep getting closer and closer. I will say season 4 was full of them, and it was a real treat for us fans! In season 4 episode 12, Killian is waiting by Emma's bug in the morning with her coffee at the ready. Then, the two head over to the library where she drops him off to do his work with Belle. It's small, but significant in seeing their relationship continue to blossom.

"I will always find you"

Season 5 episode 11: One of the most heart-wrenching scenes on the show is when Killian sacrifices himself to get rid of the Darkness for good, and Emma has to be the one to kill him. Like, I don't know how any of us recovered from that. Afterwards, Emma has the idea to go to the Underworld to bring him back. We saw how determined she was not lose him and Camelot, and this gal is going to try and get her man back. Yes, girls! As she and the gang make their way to the Underworld, Emma says her parents' iconic line: "Killian, I will find you. I will always find you." Chills!

Underworld reunion

Season 5 episode 14: After waiting for a couple of episodes, we finally get to see our favorite couple reunite and Emma saves him from being dunked into the River of Lost Souls. He tells her she shouldn't be down there, no one should. And she responds that she never listens. She is stubborn after all! The cutest lines: "You're impossible. "And you love me for it" are so true. Poor Killian is battered and bruised, but Emma is just so happy to have him in her arms again.