35 most romantic Captain Swan moments on Once Upon a Time ranked

Emma and Killian have had so many swoon-worthy moments, here are some of our favorites.

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Shush, it's storytime

Season 6 episode 7: In another example of Killian's constant support, he tries to calm Emma down when her hand starts to shake again. She's of course worried about her parents who are put under the unique Sleeping Curse by Evil Queen 2.0. He sits her down and tells her the story of her parents and how she can overcome anything by being the product of True Love. No one knows how to comfort Emma the way Killian does, and it's shown time and time again. This is one example.

Proposal No. 2

Season 6 episode 17: Though the proposals perhaps weren't as romantic as one would think, they were very Emma and Killian-esque. And this second proposal was much better for me, which is why it ranks higher. Now, there's no secrets to overshadow either of their happiness! Side note: remember Killian's shadow coming to Emma and touching her cheek? Why does that make me so emotional? It was perfection.

Anyways, Emma eventually swoops in and saves Killian from Neverland and the Lost Boys, and he proposes again while he has the chance. "I know that you face an uncertain future but there's one thing I want you to be certain of. That I will always, always be by your side." Their faces, the emotions, and the music. I can't watch this without crying.

Trusting him with her burden

Season 5 episode 4: The voice of Rumplestiltskin in her head is getting worse at this point, and so Killian decides to help her forget. Our favorite ship goes horseback riding and make it to a beautiful field of middlemist flowers. Emma was trying to handle it all on her own. But Killian points out that when she shared her burden, the voice went away. Emma is relived and happy, and finally has a moment alone with her pirate. The pink middlemist, the magical shot of them kissing with the sun behind them, and the field of flowers is TV gold.

Emma is Killian's happy ending

Season 4 episode 15: Since he was a villain, Killian is scared that he's going to lose his happy ending based on the rules of the book. I love how in this scene, and in many later on, Emma reassures and supports Killian. She tells him he's not a villain anymore and is one of the few characters who doesn't hold his past against him. As I mentioned above, she has her walls and he has his insecurities and guilt due to his past. But Emma always comes to his defense (except in that one season 6 episode, but we'll ignore that).

Ok, getting back on track. Emma asks him if he's afraid of losing his happy ending that means he's found it. What is it? Oh, Emma! "Don't you know Emma? It's you." Guys, the one tear that falls from her eye. I can't. She's very emotional and for someone who grew up alone, she wasn't expecting to hear that. For the first time, someone is choosing her and she's someone's happy ending.