5 Great audio story podcasts for Comic Book fans of all types

Audio Story Podcasts are an absolutely incredible medium to experience unique and wonderful stories based around comic characters you love or entirely new characters you're discovering for the first time. If you love comics you'd be truly missing out if you didn't check out these absolute gems.

Children along with their Parents look over some new...
Children along with their Parents look over some new... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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2. Marvel's Squirrel Girl - The Unbeatable Podcast

Not into all the doom and gloom of the previous entries? Maybe looking for something that's (mostly) friendly for viewers of most ages? Marvel's got you with this incredibly witty and fun-filled romp.

Squirrel Girl (played by the excellent Milana Vayntrub, who was supposed to play her as a live-action Squirrel Girl in a now scrapped MCU project) has recently had her secret identity as Doreen Green exposed to the world so now, in an effort to claim her identity she has put herself out there by having a podcast on the Empire State University's radio network.

On it, she talks about life as a superhero while taking calls from the folks of New York including not just your average citizen but costumed heroes (and villains) alike. But when an anonymous caller starts using her show to announce a series of heinous (and oddly cliche) crimes daring Squirrel Girl (and friends) to come stop them.

Each episode is kid-friendly too so it's a great one to have going in the car if your kids are into comics as well. Though the special guest callers are oddly outside of the range of people your kids will be interested in like comedian Busy Phillips, Freestyle Love Supreme, and my personal hero, Lea Thompson.

The show not only explores the chiller side of the Marvel Universe but introduces you to the bizarre cast from Squirrel Girl's comics like Chipmunk Hunk, Koi-Boi, and my personal favorite, the nihilist brain in a robot body, Brain Drain.

Cleverly written with a lot of fun jokes and clever twists, this is a fun light-hearted few episodes that are great when you need a break from the bleakness of other stories.