6 Outlander characters we’d bring back from the dead (and 7 we wouldn’t)

From beloved characters like Murtagh to awful ones like Black Jack, here's who we'd want to see again and who should stay gone.

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Stephen Bonnet

WOULDN'T BRING BACK: There's multiple negative actions to name when it comes to this pirate. First, after they showed him kindness and helped him escape prison, Stephen Bonnet harshly steals from Jamie and Claire including her wedding ring from Jamie. Then, he assaults Brianna in the tavern. In season 5, Bonnet kidnaps Bree and wants to be a "family" with her and Jemmy, who he thinks is his son. He deserved the way he died after all he did, especially to Bree, and we definitely would never want to see this heartless guy back.

Richard Brown

WOULDN'T BRING BACK: I decided to include Richard Brown on this list instead of his brother Lionel because we obviously would not bring that man back. He and his disgusting gang of men assaulted Claire in one of the worst possible ways, all because they were mysoginistic fools. He was trouble from the very start. However when we first meet Richard, he's more level-headed than his brother and didn't seem too bad. The two reminded me of Colum and Dougal. Now look, when Lionel ended up dying in the Frasers' custody, I get it. He's your brother. But he also committed a horrible act. And from then on Richard had a vendetta against the Frasers and he just became spiteful. Like, get out of here man. Protective Jamie mode was everything, and he got rid of Richard Brown once and for all. Goodbye, sir.

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Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser

BRING BACK: I haven't read the books, though I do know that Murtagh dies at the Battle of Culloden. However, the show kept him around for longer and we got to spend more time with him in seasons 3 through 5 before he died at the Battle of Alamance. I was so happy he stayed around, especially because we'd lost so many of the great Highland characters we fell in love with in season 1. His death was absolutely heartbreaking as well, and it had a tremendous effect on Jamie. I'd definitely bring Murtagh back because he's such a great character. He seemed like a hard person, but is actually a big sofite. He was loyal to the Jamie and Claire, and like a parent to our favorite Fraser. I still miss him so much!