9 saddest deaths in RWBY, ranked from sad to heartbreaking (and 3 most satisfying ones)

In the world of RWBY, actions have consequences, heroes are made, villains are undone, and the audience is forever kept on the edge of their seat (and with tissues nearby).

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6) Ozma and Salem's daughters

The tragic tale of Ozma and Salem are what bring RWBY to life. Tangled in a forever dance as they continue their ruthless fight against each other, it all started when they were still married. The end of their bond and, more specifically, their daughters stands out as a particularly heart-wrenching chapter. Their daughters, symbols of what once was a unity between Ozma and Salem, were not just characters - they were beacons of hope in a world riddled with conflict and despair. Their existence represented a fleeting moment where love overcame the insurmountable odds of a curse and an endless war. Their lives were a testament to the possibility of harmony in a realm torn by ancient grudges and power struggles.

The exact details of how Ozma's children died are not explicitly shown or described in detail in the series, but it is heavily implied that they died along with their father, Ozma, in the catastrophic events that followed Salem's transformation from mortal to immortal. Salem, who was originally a human and Ozma's love, tried to stupidly defy the gods of Remnant and was cursed with immortality as a result. Her grief and subsequent quest for power eventually led to a tragic confrontation with Ozma. During a particular point in their conflict, Salem completely destroys their home with an insane amount of magic and rage, and it's during this chaotic and violent event that it's implied Ozma's and Salem's children met their end. This tragedy is pivotal as it marks a turning point in both Ozma's and Salem's stories. For Ozma, it's a moment of profound loss that shapes his future incarnations and his approach to his ongoing struggle against Salem. For Salem, it only makes her even more set in her path of vengeance and descent into becoming the main villain of the series.

Poor kiddos. They were all so cute, too.