All 9 RWBY volumes ranked from worst to best

All 9 volumes of RWBY have their individual strengths and weaknesses, but which volume comes out on top as the best one so far?

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3. Volume 3

Volume 3 holds a special place in the hearts of fans, ranking at number 7. This volume marks a significant turning point in the series, both in terms of narrative and emotional impact. It's where the story takes a darker turn, deviating from the more lighthearted and adventurous tone of the first two volumes. The Fall of Beacon, a pivotal event in the series, occurs here, bringing with it a surge of chaos, uncertainty, and a shift in the overarching storyline.

This volume is applauded for its daring storytelling, the way it ups the stakes dramatically, and introduces a sense of real danger and loss to the world of Remnant. Characters like Pyrrha and Penny face tragic fates, leaving a lasting impact on the audience and the other characters. But as amazing as this volume is, this darker tone and events of Volume 3 can be a bit overwhelming for some viewers.

Another aspect of Volume 3 is its role as a bridge between the early series and the more mature themes that follow. It's a transitional volume, setting up the larger narrative arcs and character developments that play out in later volumes. This transition is crucial but can make Volume 3 feel more like a setup rather than a standalone highlight in the series.

The introduction of new plot elements, while exciting, can also create a sense of overcrowding in the storyline, with so many new threads to follow. Despite these challenges, Volume 3 is known for its character development, particularly for Ruby, who begins to evolve from a naive and idealistic young girl into a more mature and determined leader.

This volume's blend of amazingly choreographed action, emotional depth, and pivotal narrative moments makes it a memorable part of the RWBY saga.