The 7 best variants in Marvel's What If...? season 2

What if... we actually got to see all these incredible variants and original characters in a live-action MCU movie? Let's check out 7 of them that really left an impression.
Strange-Supreme in Marvel Studios' WHAT IF…?, Season 2 exclusively on Disney+. © 2023 MARVEL.
Strange-Supreme in Marvel Studios' WHAT IF…?, Season 2 exclusively on Disney+. © 2023 MARVEL. /
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2. Kahhori

What If...? has always been a playground for the most imaginative and thrilling scenarios in the MCU, but season 2 introduces a real game-changer with its newest character - Kahhori. Born not from the pages of Marvel Comics but from the creative minds behind the MCU, Kahhori is a breath of fresh air, a warrior from the Mohawk nation. She's not your typical superhero; she's a vibrant link to a rich and often overlooked history. When Kahhori stumbles upon the Tesseract at the bottom of the lake, she discovers that it acts as a gateway to a world of pure magic and wonder. Suddenly, she's not just Kahhori; she's Kahhori with powers that rival those of the Avengers.

Kahhori discovers an entire tribe of Mohawk generations, each member blessed with their own set of powers courtesy of the Space Stone. Imagine that - a whole community of superpowered individuals, each with a connection to their culture and history. This isn't just another superhero story - this is the MCU celebrating a culture, a people, and a history that's often been sidelined. Kahhori's presence in the MCU is revolutionary. It's a bold statement from Marvel, a promise that the MCU isn't just about the same old faces and stories. It's about diversity, representation, and the acknowledgment that heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and from all backgrounds. With Kahhori, the MCU isn't just expanding; it's evolving into a universe that truly represents our own, with all its beautiful complexity.

We need more of her, especially in a live-action movie, right now.