20 best WWE gimmicks of all time, ranked

A good gimmick can make or break a WWE star's career. These 20 performers show that the right character can make you a legend.
Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 38. (Courtesy of WWE.com)
Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 38. (Courtesy of WWE.com) /
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14. Three Faces Of Foley

"Say hello to Mr. Socko" - Mick Foley

Mick Foley always kept people guessing. When he made his big WWE debut, he was the deranged Mankind; a strange man who took out The Undertaker. He later became a goofy, loving Mankind who wanted Mr. McMahon's acceptance. There’s also the hippy Dude Love and the hardcore legend, Cactus Jack. Last, but not least, there’s Mick Foley. Yes, even his regular persona is a gimmick.

What’s funny about Mick Foley is he could probably become a dozen different people if he needed to. He was that talented. Foley is the reason someone like Bray Wyatt could be the icon that he was with all of his personalities and characters. The Three Faces of Foley were all legendary.

Becky Lynch - Wrestler
WWE Live Tokyo / Etsuo Hara/GettyImages

13. "The Man" Becky Lynch

Real name: Rebecca Quin

"I wasn't born to be champion - I fought to be champion." - Becky Lynch

Back in 2018, Nia Jax broke Becky Lynch's nose. She didn't let that bring her down. She turned it into a badge of honor. It completely changed everything she was before that and became “The Man”.

People all over the world love Becky Lynch. Her "The Man" persona has gotten her TV features like presenting at the ESPYs. It's also why she always sells a ton of merchandise. Every arena is full of shirts that say "The Man". Even lengthy absences for injuries didn't slow her momentum down. She's so good no one forgot about her, even when she wasn't on TV screens each and every week. That’s admirable since wrestling fans can have a short attention span.

The Man is easily one of the best modern characters in WWE today.