20 best WWE gimmicks of all time, ranked

A good gimmick can make or break a WWE star's career. These 20 performers show that the right character can make you a legend.

Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 38. (Courtesy of WWE.com)
Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 38. (Courtesy of WWE.com) /
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12. Chris Jericho

Real name: Christopher Irvine

"You just made the list!" - Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho could hang with anyone during a promo and he knew it. There were times when he got the best of people like The Rock and Stone Cold because he could adjust to everyone's style. Do you need him to be funny? He can do that? Self-deprecating? He's on it. How about a serious and very Devil-like villain? He can do that too.

The best part is that he didn’t have to win every exchange. Sometimes winning the bout doesn’t mean you look the best. The only reason he isn’t higher is he didn’t have the same cultural influence that others on this list have had. Even so, his character was legendary.

11. Bray Wyatt (and every personality)

"I will take my rightful place among the Gods as the new face of fear..." - Bray Wyatt

The late, great Bray Wyatt had the whole wrestling world in his hands. From the moment his music hit, people turned on their cell phone lights to be one of his fireflies. When he made the change from the leader of the Wyatt Family to the Firefly Funhouse host and the terrifying Fiend, he became even more popular.

The Fiend was on his way to being the next Undertaker. He would have become a nearly unstoppable supernatural character. Then, at any point, he could go back to the creepy and fun-loving Firefly Funhouse Bray Wyatt. His talent seemed limitless. There's no doubt he would have created another character along the way.

May he rest in peace.