Every Batman ranked from weakest to strongest

We've seen many live-action versions of Batman, but which one is the strongest of all?

On the Set of "Batman"
On the Set of "Batman" / Sunset Boulevard/GettyImages
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The legendary Caped Crusader has been a staple of the silver screen for close to the century. He's also been a regular of the small screen for almost as long. You won't find any arguments against why he keeps coming back, because honestly the truth is that people love Batman, and for good reason.

From the moment that he first spread those wings in Detective Comics back in 1939, he's been a fixture of the pop-culture landscape - and he has remained one for generations, entertaining audiences for decades. As a result, we've all grown up watching different iterations of Batman take on the villains of Gotham City over the years in various big-budget productions.

From Adam West's beloved duly deputized agent of the law to Michael Keaton's broody knight of the shadows, we all have our definitive version of Batman - and all of them have their own strengths.

That being said, which version of the DC hero is actually the strongest? With that in mind, let's take this opportunity to look back on the legacy of The Dark Knight and figure out which Batman would outlast all of the others in a fight and ultimately prove himself to be the supreme Caped Crusader?