Every Batman ranked from weakest to strongest

We've seen many live-action versions of Batman, but which one is the strongest of all?

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9. The 1940s Batmen

The very first versions of the Caped Crusaders to appear on-screen came along in the 1940s in the form of two movie serials. The first of them, titled Batman, premiered in movie theaters in 1943 - just four years after his comic book debut - and it starred Lewis Wilson as The Dark Knight. The second came out six years later with the title Batman and Robin, and it saw Robert Lowery replace Wilson in the role.

While it was undoubtedly pretty larger-than-life to see a character as unearthly as Batman make the jump from the comic books to the big screens, the limitations of the productions resulted in two chapters of the character's movie history that haven't aged all that well. And the crux of that argument might just revolve around Batman himself.

Neither Wilson or Lowery's versions of the character were trained fighters so Batman never once looked like the force-to-be-reckoned with that he should have been. The tussles he often got involved in didn't look all that great, with all of the fight scenes just coming off as bar fights with two people who happen to be in weird costumes. Batman often came out of these fights looking weak as he took quite a lot of damage during them, with little to no emphasis on how revered he should be in the fighting department.

The costumes were often the result of the ungainly look of the fight scenes, as the capes would get in the way, Batman's ears would get bent, and the creases in the suit itself just made it all look very cheap.

With no armor, questionable fight scenes, and very little in the area of intimidation going for him, these versions of Batman didn't come off as strong as they should have. But still, though, they were the start he needed.