Marvel Comics: Wolverine's greatest comic book influences

Wolverine didn't become a great character and hero on his own. Even the ones that hurt him helped along the way. Of all the Marvel Comics characters, these 13 influenced Logan the most.

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Kurt Wagner was the first friend Logan had. Like Jean Grey, Nightcrawler saw Logan as the man he wanted to be. At first, Logan hated it. Kurt was always positive and it annoyed him. As time goes on, not only do Logan and Nightcrawler become best friends, but Kurt eventually learns from Logan.


Storm challenged Logan at every turn. A lot of it was because she didn’t understand him. He hated it but respected Storm for doing it. Eventually, that turns into a friendship and eventually a romance. When Logan lost his healing factor, they became a couple. Their time together was so intense Storm had to leave Earth to grieve. Even then, when she started crying, her powers caused a worldwide aurora borealis.

To this day, Storm remains Logan’s biggest fan and challenges him to be better. That's something that should never change.


Until recently, Cyclops and Wolverine were always at each other’s throats. They’ve fought over Jean Grey, the direction of the X-Men, and more. Throughout it all, Logan respected Scott Summers. Their friendship has been one of the best parts of the Krakoan era.


Despite all of Romulus’ atrocities, none of this is possible without him. His manipulations led to Wolverine becoming one of the greatest heroes ever. Unfortunately, Logan had to endure so much pain before getting there. Nevertheless, he had to go through all of it to become the best there is at what he does.

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