Every boss fight in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 ranked from worst to best

From huge reptiles to symbiotic aliens, there was no shortage of boss fights in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. So it's time to determine which one was the best.

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5. Peter Parker

Before we dive into why this boss is so special, let's talk about its two greatest problems. First, it unfortunately lacks a unique setting. Kraven's boss occurs right before this mission, meaning both encounters take place in the same fighting arena. There are slight changes to the environment like it being covered in symbiotic goo. However, that's not quite enough to make the whole place feel completely different.

It would've been infinitely better if the fight had taken place elsewhere like the inside of a church or the top of a sky-scraper under the rainy night sky. So, we're sorry Insomniac, but we have to take points off for that reason.

Worse of all is the fact that... the boss isn't all that challenging. But why is this such a problem? Well, because we're not fighting any random villain, no. We're going against Peter Parker himself, the Peter Parker. The man who has been Spider-Man for more than eight years in Insomniac's world and who took down the Sinister Six by himself in the first game. We're talking about a man so powerful that fall damage wasn't even a thing in previous Insomniac Spider-Man games. Besides, he doesn't use any of his gadgets at any point, which is a shame since they are a core part of his combat style.

You can argue Peter pulled his punches to avoid hurting Miles, but let's not forget that he's fully corrupted by the symbiote at this point in the story. Throughout his boss fight, we can even hear Venom's voice whenever Peter talks, meaning he's completely lost. It would've been more realistic for him to be a force to be reckoned with, but that unfortunately wasn't the case.

Now, based on everything we've said this boss fight could sound slightly disappointing, but that's not the case at all. Could it have been better? Yes, by all means. But it also was a pretty important point in the story and, like most bosses in this game, it had amazing dialogue. Besides, aside from fighting games that feature Marvel characters, this is the only time you can go toe to toe against Spider-Man himself in a AAA game, making this encounter truly unique.

Did Peter Parker's boss fight was the best it could've been? No, but it was better than other fights in this game thanks to its narrative importance and surprising antagonist. Let's just hope that if Miles and Peter ever battle again, it makes for a more challenging experience.