Moon Knight And Mardi Gras Hit Marvel Heroes

One is a generally grim hero who almost always seems to be fighting crime at night. The other is a raucous celebration associated with New Orealns.

marvel-heroes-moon-knightOkay, so Moon Knight and Mardi Gras don’t have a whole lot in common, but the thread that links them is that both are now part of Marvel Heroes. Moon Knight is the latest playable hero, ready to drop the power of Khonshu on the noggins of a whole bunch of bad guys. He’s available in both his classic white costume and an armored black version from Secret Avengers, and you can grab them both plus some extras in the Moon Knight Hero Pack for $17.99.

The Carnival & Mardi Gras celebration is also underway this weekend, complete with the return of Halloween items, 25 percent off over two dozen costumes for a variety of heroes, special Mardi Gras-themed drops and more. Get the whole scoop right here, and be sure to act quickly to get in on the fun, because it’s only here for a limited time.

Moon Knight, though? That guy’s around to stay, multiple personalities and all. Marvel Heroes is free to download for PC at, and closed beta signups for the Mac version is also underway.

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