Who's The Baddest, Maddest Man In A Red Suit? Deadpool Vs. Carnage #1 May Have The Answer


Carnage has traditionally been a thorn in the side of Spider-Man over the years, but the symbiote-powered serial killer is a big enough problem that other heroes sometimes need to get involved to stop him. And when things get really bad, it might even be time to call in someone you wouldn’t normally turn to unless it was an extreme emergency. Say, someone like … Deadpool.

That’s pretty much what things have come to in Deadpool vs. Carnage #1, which goes on sale April 2. With Carnage killing his way across the country, it’s time to fight fire with fire. Or as Marvel put it in a press release:

So how do you stop a psycho? Bring in another psycho!

This battle of mouth versus madness is brought to you by writer Cullen Bunn (who’s already written some off the wall Deadpool stories in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe and Night of the Living Deadpool) and artist Salva Espin, with a variant cover from Lenil Yu. Peep the preview pages below (click to blow them up to full size), and get ready for some honest to goodness mayhem in just a few weeks in Deadpool vs. Carnage #1. Parents take note of that advisory: this comic is not for kids!





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