Alex Ross’ Marvel And DC Art On Display In Paris

Alex Ross has been one of the most prolific Marvel and DC comic books illustrators for last few decades. Well, the Wall Street Journal reports that the Mona Bismark American Center for Art & Culture in Paris has decided to feature, for the first time in France, the renowned artist’s work.

The exhibit, called “Superheroes: The Art of Alex Ross,” will feature around 75 “original paintings, drawings, and sculptures created by Ross from his early childhood to today.”

Even if you only tangentially follow the comic book industry, and may never even have heard the name Alex Ross, you are likely aware of his work. His style is in stark contrast to that of most contemporary comic book artists, often offering relatively convincing proportions and absolutely insane amounts of detail.

It blurs the line between fine art and commercial illustration and you get the sense that these photorealistic works could actually be reflective of real-life people. Considering that his subjects are out-of-this world, fantastical beings, and the fact that he generally adheres to traditional artistic tools like pencils and paint, that is an amazing feat.

“Superheroes” opened up last week and will run until early June, giving you plenty of time and reason to finally take that trip to France that you always wanted to.

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