San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Is Sold Out

The last round of sales for San Diego Comic-Con 2014 opened up this morning at 9 a.m. PST, and it only took about an hour and a half for the convention to sell out its allotment of general admission badges. That might not seem very quick, but with the convention capping out at a whopping 130,000 attendees, that 90 minutes just blazes by.

I would know. I experienced it firsthand.

Each person who wanted to buy a badge needed an established member ID, a personalized registration code attained via email, and a specific link to get into a virtual waiting room. It’s all very convoluted and incredibly frustrating when technical glitches mar the purchasing process, but so rewarding if and when you succeed.

Getting into one of the largest conventions in the world dedicated to comic books, TV, movies, video games and all things geek culture has been difficult in recent times. The governing bodies even decided to only sell one-day badges in order to help increase the amount of unique visitors for the weekend. I’m personally not sure if that decision worked out, but I do know that gaining entry hasn’t gotten any easier.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 is being held Thursday, July 24th, through Sunday, July 27th. Lucky ones can even come early for preview night on Wednesday, July 23rd.

I’m throwing that out there because, even if you weren’t able to snag a ticket to one of the hottest comic conventions in the world, you should be aware that the event’s festivities extend throughout downtown San Diego. Hotels, shops, and restaurants adjacent to the convention center often partake in the madness by offering events of their own – autograph sessions, parties, and more – that don’t require badges. I highly recommend attending just for the atmosphere.

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