Marvel's First Family May Be Down A Member In Fantastic Four #3


What does Marvel have against Johnny Storm? It seems like every time in recent memory that the Fantastic Four needs to lose a member, the bony finger of fate points directly at the Human Torch.

You may recall that the Torch was killed off just a few years ago in Fantastic Four #587, though as the X-Men might say, he got better (thanks to Annihilus, surprisingly). Now it seems the FF’s victory over an inter-dimensional invasion may have cost Storm his powers just as a more powerful Wrecking Crew has hit the scene. This is no time for the Fantastic Four to be without the Torch’s firepower — pun fully intended.

To see if Marvel’s oldest super hero team can prevail while shorthanded, you’ll have to wait until Fantastic Four #3 arrives in your LCS or on digital from the team of writer James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk on April 23. But you can check out a few pages plus the cover by John Romita Jr. and a variant by JG Jones right here.







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