Miguel O'Hara Tries Changing The Future From The Present In Spider-Man 2099 #1


For a guy from a possible future that’s still 85 years away, Miguel O’Hara is popular. Fans have responded every time Spider-Man 2099 has made appearances since his original series came to an end back in 1996. Now stuck in the present day Marvel universe, he’s getting his own book again, with original co-creator Peter David once again at the helm.

If living in the past (from his perspective!) isn’t challenging enough, O’Hara has an important mission: to prevent Alchemax from becoming the malevolent mega-corporation he knows in 2099. To do so, he’ll have to work from the inside and attempt to secretly influence one of his own family members.

“Miguel becomes determined to try and transform his grandfather, Tiberius Stone into a decent guy in the hopes that it will wind up informing the raising of Tyler Stone, and perhaps make him a better person,” David said in an interview with Marvel.com.  “In short, he’s hoping that he can influence the development of both the present and future of Alchemax. He’s going to find that it’s not as easy as he’d hoped.”

With that challenge, the threat of a mystery villain and the huge upcoming “Spider-Verse” event looming, O’Hara is going to have his talon-equipped hands full. The beginning of this phase of his life takes place in Spider-Man 2099 #1, which goes on sale in July. David is joined by artist Will Sliney, whose concept art can be seen below.

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