Mr. Fixit, BOGO Sale In Super Hero Squad Online

Everybody get ready to BOGO! That means buy one, get one, and this weekend in Super Hero Squad Online, that’s exactly what’s going on through Monday, March 31 at 12:01 am PDT. Just buy any hero that costs 400 Gold or more and you’ll get a random hero absolutely free.

Speaking of heroes, there’s a new one in Super Hero City. It’s Mr. Fixit, a.k.a. the Grey Hulk during the time when he was intelligent, dressed in pin-striped suits and worked in Las Vegas. I’m not even making that up, nor am I inventing his in-game powers like Twin Guns and Gunsational.

What else? Geez, that’s not enough? Well, there’s going to be a different hero on sale very day in April. That’s pretty cool. And if you’d like 100 free Silver, you can enter the code “1HSLVM14″ and it’ll be yours.

That should be enough to satisfy even the most content-hungry Super Hero Squad Online fan. Hop on over to, and tell them Joe Fixit sent you!


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