All The Original Sin Teasers So Far

I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for a good comic book teaser. The less information the better, to be honest, as it makes for speculation that’s much more fun.

Still, there’s something to be said for moderation. Marvel and DC don’t go all out with teasers for every big crossover, because we’d get sick of them pretty quickly. That being said, Marvel has been putting out a number of them for the upcoming Original Sin event, which makes sense since it revolves around both a murder mystery and the possibility that some of the heroes’ deepest, darkest secrets will be revealed.

We’ve been featuring some of them here on Bam! Smack! Pow!, but it seemed like a good idea to gather them all in one place for easier contemplation. Here are all the teasers Marvel has released so far, presented in chronological order:


Maybe this one should really be New Avengers since it involves the Illuminati erasing Captain America’s memories of that group.



Mighty Avengers

How could this group have a dark secret since it’s been in existence for less than a year (of real life time)? That’s a very good question.




The Merc With a Mouth has never been too forthcoming about his past, if he even remembers it correctly. This teaser hints that it may have been even more unpleasant than we’ve been led to believe.



All-New Invaders

It makes total sense that a wartime team would have some unpleasantness in its past. This particular secret supposedly could have saved “thousands of lives,” which is a bad look no matter how you slice it. And it appears Cap could have been out of the loop here too, poor guy.



Fantastic Four

Thing and Human Torch have had their differences in the past, but their quarrels typically don’t end with one of them bloodied and the other one crying. And could the Torch’s appearance in his current costume mean this is something that has yet to happen? Intriguing …


We’ll update this post if and when Marvel releases more teaser images for Original Sin, which kicks off with a #0 issue on April 23.

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