Bandai SpruKits Are DC Heroes And Villains You Can Build Yourself

If regular action figures and models got together and sired offspring, the result would be Bandai’s SpruKits. These are figures you build yourself, as they come in pieces that you snap together to build your won characters. The plastic parts need no glue or paint, making them a little easier than the models you put together as kids — or at least I did, since I grew up in the age before the internet.

Batman, Superman and the Joker are appearing in the upcoming line of SpruKits alongside characters from the Halo video games. They come in three different levels of complexity, with level 1 supposed to take 30 minutes or less to assemble and level 3 providing a building challenge that could take several hours to complete. Extra detail comes with the extra effort though, making it a fair trade-off.

BigBadToyStore has several of the SpruKits available for pre-order now, with level 2 figures going for $24.99 and level 3 pieces costing $69.99. The figures are expected to ship in August or September, or right about the time you’re tired of communing with Mother Nature and looking for something else to do inside. Get those fingers limbered up now so you’re ready to build.

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