Ray Fisher Is Cyborg In Man Of Steel 2

Even though it hasn’t been confirmed by Warner Bros., Variety reported Thursday that Ray Fisher, an actor known mainly for his work on Broadway, will play Cyborg in the upcoming Man of Steel 2, or whatever it ends up being called. Though it’s described as “not a major part” in the report, it’s clear that introducing Victor Stone is a set-up for other films down the line.

Since Cyborg is a founding member of the Justice League in the current New 52 DC comic book continuity, it only makes sense for him to make an appearance. What’s weird is that while Warner obviously is too far down the road to do what Marvel has done to such success — using solo hero movies to set up the Avengers, which then fueled interest in further solo adventures — it also doesn’t seem to be doing the reverse either.

Instead, by including Wonder Woman, Cyborg and possibly other heroes (Green Lantern, for one, has been rumored), it’s like Warner is doing the equivalent of dipping its toes in the water without jumping all the way in, trying to gauge the interest in a Justice League movie without actually making one.

Who knows if it will work, but at least it gives us something to discuss while we wait for May 6, 2016 to roll around. And Cyborg is simply a cool character, so I say bring him on.

(via Comic Book Resources)

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