Movie Falcon Swoops Into Super Hero Squad Online

As the editor of a site devoted to comics and super heroes, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I didn’t see Captain America: The Winter Soldier until this past Friday. I’m not happy it took that long, but life gets in the way sometimes.

It was worth the wait in any event, because the movie was awesome. And while Captain America and Black Widow got the lion’s share of the screen time, the introduction of the Falcon was also very effective, with the movie universe Sam Wilson making a logical partner for Cap.

This is relevant because the movie Falcon is the newest playable hero in Super Hero Squad Online, using his EXO-7 suit to rain airborne justice down on evildoers. Use S.H.I.E.L.D. Upgrades, Wingstrike and Cyclone Strike to help get the job done, and if you have trouble distinguishing the good guys from the bad guys, remember that the bad guys are probably the ones shooting at you (#MovieReference).

The current World Event can also help pump up your personal squad with a triple helping of heroes: White Phoenix, Arctic Iron Man and Armored Spider-Man. Turn in those fractals to Uatu (still alive, for now!), and don’t despair if you can’t top the leaderboard right away, as the event resets every four hours through Monday, April 28 at 1 pm PDT.

While you’re heroing up, you can also use the code “1THSNDXP” for a free XP boost. That should be all the reason you need to fit some Super Hero Squad Online into your Sunday schedule, so have fun!

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