The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Has Strong But Not Amazing $92 Million Opening Weekend

Just two years after serving as the film reboot to the Spider-Man franchise, it appears The Amazing Spider-Man movies may have already peaked, at least domestically.

That’s the way Box Office Mojo is reading ASM 2‘s opening weekend take of an estimated $92 million. While nothing to sneeze at, it’s less money than Captain America: The Winter Soldier made during its domestic debut and the weakest opening of any Spider-Man flick to date.

While the movie continues to do well overseas, this has to be a bit worrisome for Sony, who has grandiose plans of building an Avengers-style conveyor belt of films based on the rights to Spider-Man characters. I actually think the studio has the right idea, because its intention is to make bad guys like the Sinister Six or Venom the focal points of some of their movies.

Unfortunately, that only works if the filmmakers get the villains right, and since most of the griping about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 centers on dislike for Electro and Green Goblin, there could be trouble ahead. What Sony needs more than anything is writers who can show Spidey’s rogues gallery as the colorful and awesome collection of characters it really is.

There’s probably a lesson out there for super hero movies of any kind, albeit one that should have already been learned: clogging things up with too many villains is a bad idea, because there’s only so much screen time to go around. It’s too early to panic if you’re a big Spider-Man fan, but it should give you at least a little pause as the future of the web-slinger on the big screen gets sorted out.

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