10 Flash Villains I'd Like To See On TV

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Now that we know for sure The Flash is going to be speeding his way onto our TV sets this fall, it’s time to get down to the good stuff. Namely, thinking about which villains are going to be plaguing Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen as he safeguards Central City.

Since the series is being produced by the same team behind Arrow, we can be sure that plenty of DC comics will be mined for villains and supporting characters, but we can be equally certain that they might not appear in the forms we always expect. Count Vertigo, for example, was radically reimagined for Arrow. Particularly gaudy costumes, of which Flash’s enemies have plenty, are almost guaranteed to be toned down for the tube.

That being said, Flash has a group of recurring foes second only to Batman in terms of its quality and diversity, one so enduring that people know who you’re talking about if you simply refer to “the Rogues.” It would be a shame not to see a bunch of them right off the bat.

As a longtime fan of the comics, I can think of plenty of bad guys (and gals) I’d like to see in the series, but I did my best to narrow it down to just 10. In doing so, I tried to consider not only their significance to the Flash mythos but also how they’d be possible to work into the Arrow-verse’s slightly more grounded world of super heroics. This meant knocking down some villains who would otherwise merit higher spots on the list (Grodd, for one) and eliminating others altogether (sorry Rainbow Raider!).

If you think I’m missing someone obvious, let me know in the comments section. Otherwise, click on the arrows to see all 10 Flash villains I’d like to see on TV starting this fall.

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