New Revelations for Snyder Batsuit

On Hollywood Babble-On‘s May 16, 2014 podcast, Kevin Smith dedicated the Geek News portion of his show to talk about Zack Snyder’s reveal of the new Batsuit.  Mr. Smith has been a reliable source because he was one of the first people to see Ben Affleck in the legendary outfit.  One of his giveaways to the audience was that the new Batsuit will look a lot like the one found in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Vol. 3.  With his usual eloquence of using F-bombs, Smith went into fanboy mode:

If you want to see what this f—ing suit looks like, you just go to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.  Go to the third book, Hunt the Dark Knight.   It’s the exact f—ing outfit he’s wearing.


Smith goes on to talk about Ben Affleck’s physical transformation:

That’s his f–ing body now.  He has bulked the f— up.  That’s all f—ing his body under there.  It’s pretty impressive.

When his co-host, Ralph Garman, seemed a bit disappointed that the Snyder Batmobile looked a bit derivative of the Tumbler from Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, Smith proposed an interesting idea made to sound like a random theory:

I will put this to you.  What if it’s one of a few Batmobiles?  What if that’s one of a few outfits in the movie?  I suspect that’s the case.

It’s still two years and two Comic-Cons from the movie’s release, and we’re already getting this much information.  It only means that the real meat of the news will be huge.  What do you guys think?

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