Marvel Select Figures On Sale For $20 At Marvel Shop Online

Collecting super hero action figures can be an expensive hobby, so it’s always nice when retailers cut you some slack. The Marvel Shop is doing that right now, marking down its top of the line Marvel Select action figures from their normal price of $24.95 to $20 each while supplies last.

marvel-select-savage-hulkThe sale price is good only on select (no pun intended, at least by me) figures, but most of the in-stock Marvel Select figures at Marvel Shop are included. Currently, that means Thanos, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Thor, a number of X-Men characters, several versions of the Hulk, and a bunch more.

Marvel Shop is also offering free shipping on orders of at least $50, which you can get by purchasing three of the sale-priced Marvel Select figures. Just enter the code “SUPERSHIP” at checkout and you’re all set.

Also of interest, though he’s not on sale is the Marvel Select Savage Hulk (pictured here), which was inspired by the original concept art for the character — though longtime Marvel fans will note that the Hulk was originally gray. He’s available exclusively at the online Marvel Shop right now.

Sounda like a perfect excuse to add to your collection. And take it from me: if you just set them up as soon as they arrive, your spouse might not even notice that display has grown by a few figures.


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