Is The Falcon Going To Be The New Captain America?

The folks at Comic Book Resources think he might be. Some of their readers have used the cover of Avengers #35 as evidence, as that is one of the issues that is set eight months in the future in Marvel time. Take a look at the cover and see what you think, keeping in mind that Marvel wouldn’t confirm to CBR who any of the characters were in this image:


Those goggles especially seem to say Falcon for some reason, no?

The reason we’re even discussing this is that Marvel posted on its Tumblr account that someone is going to be named the new Captain America on Monday, and that the next person to wield the shield would be revealed on As CBR suggests, it’s likely because in current issues of Captain America, Steve Rogers has lost the super soldier serum, rendering him nothing more than a very heroic old guy.

Assuming Bucky Barnes would be either unwilling or unable to become Captain America again, the Falcon would make sense. Sam Wilson is one of Rogers’ oldest and closest friends, and he’s already proven many times that he’d do any favor Steve would ask of him. Like Bucky, he wouldn’t seek it out, and he’d probably see himself as unworthy of the job, but he’d step in if called upon.

And as long as we’re talking about big changes that would need to be undone at some point — the upcoming death of Wolverine is another — it might be worth speculating again if Marvel might be headed for a total reboot next spring to convert all of this stuff back at once. Just something to think about.

Check back with us Monday for some discussion about the new Captain America. Unless it’s me, as then I’ll be a little busy getting fitted for my costume.


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