Avengers Age of Ultron Easter Egg: Domo Arigato?

As reported earlier today (July 16, 2014), Marvel released a picture of the new Ultron on the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con issue. Upon closer review, it seems that Marvel slipped in an enticing little Easter egg for the fans to chew on.

Ultron Robot Says Domo Arigato

Ultron Robot Says Domo Arigato

Looking a bit more closely at the EW cover, we also see one of the Ultron robots (making drone-clones of himself is a old hobby of Ultron’s), with a phrase above his head.  It appears as if he is saying “Domo Arigato,” which is Japanese for “Thanks a lot.”  Now, this could have multiple meanings here as geeky comic-book Easter eggs often do.   Given Tony Stark’s penchant for classic rock music, as seen in the Iron Man movies and in the Avengers, this could be reference to the classic rock song “Mr. Roboto,” by Styx.  The popular line from that song goes “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto.”   Does Stark play this song in his lab as he constructs Ultron?  Will the baby Ultrons chant this line throughout the film? (That would be hilarious!).  Is Styx looking forward to massive royalty payments off of this song next year? Oh, Yeah!   Also, if you look at the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie poster (that Marvel film is coming out August, 2014), we see at the bottom of this poster the phrase “You’re Welcome.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster Where They Say "You're Welcome"

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster Where They Say “You’re Welcome”

“You’re Welcome?”  and “Thanks a lot?”  Now, that can NOT be a coincidence. Will we see Ultron in some fashion pop up in the Guardians of the Galaxy? It seems increasingly likely that may occur.  Marvel just gave us one more thing to look forward to with the new Guardians movie.

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