Batman Day Swag Update

My trip to my LCS (Comix Connection in Mechanicsburg, PA, which I plug whenever possible due to its awesomeness) is complete, and as expected, it was pretty busy with people out checking out the Batman Day goodies. Every comic shop is handling the swag situation a little differently, but here’s what my store was doing:

  • The special Batman Day edition of Detective Comics #27 was free, one per person, while supplies last. I’ll have a review of it up later. I’ve been told by others that some stores are requiring you purchase any other regularly priced comic to get the free issue, which is perfectly reasonable.
  • Batman masks were free, also one per person. There are four of them, all designed by Ryan Sook to look like different depictions of the famous cowl. One is from his first appearance in 1939, one looks like the mask Adam West wore in the 60s TV show, one is designed like the one from The Dark Knight Returns, and I believe the last one resembles his current mask under Greg Capullo. In any case, there’s not much to these masks, as they’re made of thin cardboard and only cover the top half of the face, so I would hope no stores are charging for them.
  • My LCS was doing a drawing for the 75th anniversary capes, which have a Batman at 75 logo on the back and are … well, capes. One of the employees was chiding the other one on duty about not wearing his.

batman-day-masksThe final thing I would think almost every store is doing is running a sale of some kind. Comix Connection actually has all DC back issues and trades on sale through the 27th, and Batman books were front and center on the merchandising displays.

Of course it’s a new comic Wednesday, so if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you might have been headed to your shop of choice anyway. Still, the Batman Day festivities are reason enough to make a stop even if one wasn’t in your plans.

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