All-New Captain America: Fear Him -- Sam Wilson Comes To Terms With His New Job

It’s one thing to accept that you are taking over for a legend, but sometimes it’s an even harder step to take mentally than it is physically.

That’s what Sam Wilson will find out this October in All-New Captain America: Fear Him, a new Marvel Infinite Comic. The digital series will run six issues as writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Szymon Kudranski fill in the time in-between Wilson leaving the Falcon behind for his new role in Captain America #25 and the beginning of his own ongoing series in November.

“We’ll mostly be dealing with the psychological implications of picking up the shield,” Hopeless said in an interview with “Sam has to figure out what kind of Captain America he wants to be and what parts of his own personality he can bring to the role.”

We already know that Wilson won’t take orders without questioning them and that he’ll bring his own spin to Captain America. The Infinite Comic series will actually show him beginning to make the identity his own, and while it’s set in the regular continuity, Marvel is touting that it’s also perfect for new readers as a jumping-on point.

Some of Kudranski’s pages are previewed below to get you ready for All-New Captain America: Fear Him to make its digital debut this fall.




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