New Era Guardians Of The Galaxy Cap Collection Out Now

New Era has come up with some cool hats to coincide with nearly every Marvel movie released so far, but would the company do the same for an untested property like Guardians of the Galaxy?

Seeing as you’re reading this post right now, the answer is obviously “yes.” The Guardians of the Galaxy Collection is on sale now, available at The cap for everyone is the GOTG Retro Arcade Snapback in black and teal for $29.99. As the name suggests, it’s got graphics on the front that bring to mind an old arcade video game, and it implores you to “Press Start!” It also has a graphic on the underside of the brim.

The other two caps in the collection are for Guardians super-fans considering they’re $55.99 each. Continuing in the tradition of previous Marvel releases, there are two GOTG Character Face 59Fifty Caps, one for Star-Lord, and the other for Rocket Raccoon. Both have incredible detailing; the Star-Lord hat is mostly vinyl but has embroidery to simulate where Peter Quill’s hair comes out of the top of his mask, while the Rocket hat appears to be furry. You know, because he’s a raccoon, or at least a raccoon-like alien, whether he’ll admit to it or not.

I imagine we’ll see these at other retailers like Lids pretty soon, but maybe not in time to show how hardcore you are when seeing the movie on opening night. Um, you are going on opening night, right?

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