The Guardians Of The Galaxy Could Come To Disney World

While an expanded Star Wars area would certainly be welcome, the Guardians of the Galaxy would be just the ticket to spice up Disney Hollywood Studios.

“Surely that’s impossible,” you say knowingly. “Even though Disney owns Marvel, it can’t use Marvel super heroes in its Florida parks because of the deal that Universal has.”

Not so fast, my friend. According to the Disney blog Inside the Magic, that deal only applies to characters that Universal Studios has already used. Thus, it includes darn near every well-known Marvel character, but not the Guardians, who were pretty low-profile until this whole movie thing.

While you ponder that possibility, here’s something a little more concrete: Baymax and Hiro Hamada from the upcoming animated movie Big Hero 6 are headed for both Disney World and Disneyland to appear in meet-and-greets with park guests this fall. Disney says more details on where and when to see the robot hero and his plucky inventor will be coming in the next few weeks.

With no restrictions on the Marvel characters it can use in California, Disneyland already has a healthy Avengers presence thanks to character meet-and-greets with Captain America and Thor, as well as the Stark Tech exhibit inside Innoventions.

(via CBR’s Robot 6)

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