Some Lucky Lady Will Become Mrs. Deadpool In April


Or will that make her Lady Deadpool? Oh wait, there already was one of those, and things ended badly for her.

Nevertheless, Deadpool really is gettinghitched come April in the pages of “Deadpool” #27. Our parent site FanSided dug into a Nerdist interview with writer Gerry Duggan and found out that what started out as a gag has turned into a very real, albeit certainly still comedic event.

It should be interesting to see if this results in a sales pop for the wedding issue. Joining super heroes with other people (usually non-powered folks) in matrimony used to be a big deal, but over the past few decades we’ve seen more marriages broken up—like Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson or Barry Allen and Iris West—than created. Still, with the death of a character overdone as a way to drum up interest and attention, maybe a wedding is different enough to make people take notice.

That’s especially true since we’re talking about Deadpool, who doesn’t exactly seem like the type who’d be up for settling down. The identity of the bride is being kept a secret, so we’ll all have to wait until April to see who would be brave enough to say “’til death do us part” to the “Merc with a Mouth.”

Got a guess as to who the blushing bride might be? Drop a comment below and get your prediction on the record!


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