Justice League: War First Footage Unveiled


Want to see the New 52 version of the Justice League on your TV? You don’t have much of a wait left, as “Justice League: War” is set to make its debut on February 4.

The animated film depicts the formation of the current incarnation of the JL as the result of an attack by Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips. It’s based on the first arc of the most recent volume of the “Justice League” comic by writer Geoff Johns, penciller Jim Lee and inker Scott Williams, and since Johns and Lee also happen to be high-ranking members of DC management, you can be sure they’re taking an interest in how this take turns out.

While there are some deviations from the source material we already know about—most notably Shazam replacing Aquaman as a founding member of the team—the first clip released today shows it’s going to be pretty darn faithful to certain parts of the story. Specifically, this is a scene that shows Batman and Green Lantern having a rooftop scrap with a parademon while meeting each other for the first time (and leading to GL’s memorable line that shows he thought Batman was a myth), and both the action and the dialogue are pretty much straight recreations of some of the panels from “Justice League” #1.

That’s more than enough set-up from yours truly though. Check out the first footage below and look for “Justice League: War,” featuring the talents of Sean Astin, Michelle Monagahan and Steven Blum among its voice cast, when it goes on sale next month.