Brett Booth Confirms That He’s Already Drawn The New 52 Wally West


Take heart Wally West fans: not only will the fan favorite former Flash be showing up in “The Flash Annual” #3 come April, artist Brett Booth says he’s already drawn him somewhere we can see him—namely, on the cover of that very same issue, which was seen in solicitations released this week.

West is known to longtime DC comics readers as the foremost example of a sidekick who graduated to become his own man. Though he began his super hero career as the original Kid Flash, he went on to take over as the Flash in the 1980s and arugably surpassed his mentor during the course of his adventures. Ever since the “Flashpoint” storyline rebooted (most of) the DC Universe, West has been a literal non-entity as Silver Age Flash Barry Allen was reestablished in the red suit.

In an interview with Newsarama, Booth revealed that he’s a big fan of West who has been bothering Dan DiDio for some time to have him show up in the New 52 continuity. Booth be drawing West, who he cautions will be “different,” as the regular artist on “The Flash,” and he claimed that Wally is on that annual cover somewhere.

Albert Ching at CBR thinks he’s deduced which character it is, given that most of the other images are obviously either Allen, his enemies, or the future Flash who is barreling right at us.

So the only question left is whether the very vocal and justifiably irritable Wally West fans are going to be upset that their favorite speedster might be a graffiti-spraying troublemaker, or if they will just be happy to see him finally show up in current continuity. I’m betting on the latter.