Deathlok Confirmed For Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Wasn’t one of the chief complaints from people dissatisfied with the first half of the debut season of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” that it wasn’t “Marvel enough?” Whether the showrunners had planned it this way from the beginning or not, that shouldn’t be a problem as we head down the stretch. First it was Sif announced for a guest appearance, and now a certain cyborg will be joining the fray as well.

As reported on Comic Book Resources, executive producers Jeph Loeb and Maurissa Tancharoen have admitted that internet speculation is correct, and that injured S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Mike Peterson is on his way to becoming Deathlok. While Loeb’s assertion that the oft-conflicted character is “major” is certainly debatable, it’s still an exciting development, and one that Tancharoen told CBR should make sense to viewers.

"He was at the top of our list of Marvel characters we could bring in. It seems like a nice progression for Mike Peterson — when he becomes Deathlok, you’re always going to root for the Mike Peterson that’s still in there somewhere."

The original comic book Deathlok, Luther Manning, was from the far-flung future of… wait, for it… 1990! Peterson obviously isn’t following in that track, but one of the interesting similarities among the various men to become Deathlok in the comics is that they were all dead at one point. Does that mean Mike was brought back from beyond following the explosion that cost him a leg and an eye?

There’s also a question of power level, as Peterson was already juiced up by Centipede and will now be sporting cybernetic parts as well. That seems like more than even Agents Ward and May can handle in a straight-up fight, unless FitzSimmons can come up with a technological equalizer.

Along with Deathlok, Asgardian villainess Lorelei will also be appearing as a foil for Sif. It sounds like viewers are in for a wild ride to the finish of the season, and one that will probably fill just about everyone’s Marvel quota before it wraps up.

(via Comic Book Resources)


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