Empire Reveals A Whole Lot Of Mutants And Some Sentinels On 25 Days Of Future Past Covers


Considering the multiple cover madness of “X-Men” #1 back in 1991, it’s only fitting that the upcoming “X-Men: Days of Future Past” flick would get a magazine cover gimmick of its own.

This one is courtesy of Empire magazine, which used all day yesterday to unveil a new “Days of Future Past” cover every hour, plus one extra one for a whopping total of 25. As you can see here, each one features a different character from the movie, either from the past or future time periods in which the action takes place.

The 25 covers combine to form one big panoramic picture, and for that extra coolness factor, they’re bookended by the past and future versions of everyone’s favorite mutant-hunting robots, the Sentinels.

You can see them all at the special Empire X-men page, where you can order all 25 covers (and guarantee yourself super-fan status in the process) or grouped by just the past or future covers. But in case you’re keeping track or need a checklist, here’s the list of all 25 in order, plus links in case you want to jump right to Jennifer Lawrence in blue body paint your favorite character:

  1. Sentinel
  2. Havok
  3. Toad
  4. William Stryker
  5. Bolivar Trask
  6. Mystique
  7. Beast
  8. Quicksilver
  9. Magneto
  10. Professor X
  11. Wolverine
  12. Bryan Singer (hey, that guy’s not a comic book character!)
  13. Future Wolverine
  14. Future Professor X
  15. Future Magneto
  16. Storm
  17. Rogue (reportedly cut from the movie, but hey, Anna Paquin!)
  18. Warpath
  19. Kitty Pryde
  20. Sunspot
  21. Blink
  22. Iceman
  23. Bishop
  24. Colossus
  25. Future Sentinel

That’s a lot of reveals! May 23 is going to take forever to get here…