Nightcrawler Pops Into Marvel Heroes



Yep, that’s a word, at least in the sense that it has its own Wikipedia page. Marvel fans know that it’s the distinctive sound of Nightcrawler using his teleportation power, one that you can now harness in “Marvel Heroes” since he’s the newest playable character.

The former circus performer and one-time priest—something that was later retconned away—can use his ” teleportation ability, expert swashbuckling, and superhuman agility” to take out enemies. Ah, but can does the game recreate that trademark sound? Someone who purchases him needs to let me know.

Also of note in “Marvel Heroes” right now is the Lunar New Year celebration, which gives players a special red envelope every time they log in. An assortment of good stuff awaits inside, including:

  • Lunar Lantern worth 888 credits
  • Lunar Dragon worth 8888 credits
  • 8 Cube Shards
  • 8 Eternity Splinters
  • Fireworks Launcher artifact that provides a large credit find group buff
  • And the ever popular more!

The Lunar Lantern and Dragon can also appear anywhere as item drops, and the Mandarin will be dropping greatly increased loot during the event.

The Lunar New Year offers run through February 14 (just in time for a Valentine’s Day promotion?), and Nightcrawler is available now.


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