Batman Zero Year: Scott Snyder says Jim Gordon needs Batman, not other way around


Credit: DC

Mostly everyone has seen the Batman movies that have come out and not as many people seem familiar with the comic books these days. Jim Gordon hasn’t always been Batman’s best friends, as comic book readers will note that there has always been an antagonistic attitude towards Batman in the beginning before it develops into a partnership that they both value.

Comic book writer Scott Snyder is neck deep in his new series Batman: Zero Year in which the story of Bruce Wayne’s new origin story in the New 52 universe is being documented. One of the most interesting aspects of the story is the kind relationship Batman and Jim Gordon have right off the bat, and it’s something that Snyder says is deliberate.

Per Hero Complex:

"Here, I see their relationship as something where Gordon is willing to extend a hand and say, “I’ve been alone as a cop and someone trying to do good in this city for so many years. I see something in you, given that you saved me even though I was after you in the A.C.E. Chemical plant that I feel is reflective of what I’m trying to do too. I think we could be allies.” We wanted Gordon to take the first step toward Batman."

It’s an interesting approach to the relationship and one that has a lot of readers intrigued by the reversed angle of the situation.

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