Batman gets new female sidekick named Bluebird


Credit: DC

If you’ve followed Batman comics over the years, you’ll know that Robin hasn’t been Batman’s one and only sidekick. We’re not talking about Alicia Silverstone showing up in the one batsuit without nipples in Batman and Robin, that sidekick doesn’t count.

Batgirl and Robin have been played by different characters in the comics,  but a new sidekick has entered the game. In the upcoming issue Batman #28, a new sidekick named Bluebird joins the Caped Crusader’s side and beings to help him in his fight against crime.

The fifth incarnation of Robin recently died in the comics, which prompted the writers to go in a new direction with the sidekick character. Not only is Bluebird not just another Robin, but she seems like a genuinely badass character. It’s been a while since Batman has had a badass sidekick character, but Bluebird seems cut out for the part.

Bluebird is played by Harper Row, who apparently hails from the roughest parts of Gotham. This has hardened her into the badass crime fighter she is, but also explains why she’s so willing to join Batman’s side and fight crime along with him.

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