First images of Ben Affleck as Batman may come next week


The Batman world is in a frenzy over the messy production schedule of Batman vs. Superman as not only was the film pushed back, but it doesn’t even have a concrete name in place yet. But regardless of all the problems behind the scenes, there is good news for fans as it looks like the first images of Ben Affleck as Batman are coming next week.

According to Forbes blogger Mark Hughes, our first look at the real life Batfleck could be coming in the next 10-12 days.

This could all be smoke and mirrors, as we’ve seen reveals hinted at in the past, only to get stiffed on the goods. The pushing back of the release date may have thrown off planned reveals, but Hughes seems to think that this might not affect things.

Either way, it seems news is on the horizon and seeing the new Batsuit would more than make up for the recent bad news about the production delay.

H/T: Batman News