Gary Oldman advises Ben McKenzie to read Batman comics to prepare for Jim Gordon role


Credit: Warner Bros.

This past weekend saw the upcoming FOX series Gotham cast its biggest role yet, as a new Jim Gordon was chosen and Ben McKenzie is the man stepping into the big shoes. McKenzie is an unknown in the comic book world, having done nothing major to date, but he has starred in some big television shows and is well prepared to take on the role.

He’s not completely prepared though, at least not according to famed actor and three-time Jim Gordon Gary Oldman. The man who stepped into the Commissioner Gordon role for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy has offered up some advice for McKenzie and told him

Per Access Hollywood: 

"“Go back to the comic books. That’s what I did…There’s great stuff about Gordon. He had a whole other life.”"

Oldman turned in one of the best performances we’ve seen in his career as Jim Gordon as he really changed the role in terms of updating the role. McKenzie has huge shoes to fill, but at least he now has Oldman’s playbook on how to turn in a great Jim Gordon performance.

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